Juno Auto Trader

Successful trading will take time and practice to develop. However, Juno Auto Trader (JAT) makes your trading easy, and it’s the smarter tool to earn. JAT offers an opportunity to copy hundreds of proven strategies automatically. Choose from the best strategy providers around the world and diversify your trading portfolio. 

Reviews 334 • Excellent (4.8)

Start with as little as $100

Ideal for new traders or those lacking time to trade

Create your own portfolio

Access and choose hundreds of strategies based on your risk profile

Available on iOS and Android

How JAT Works?

Find the best traders by browsing hundreds of strategies. Choose based on different criteria that meet your needs and make their strategies your own. Click copy, and their positions will automatically be copied.

Discover monthly overview of top-performing traders by browsing profiles, stats, total pips, and more. Each trade placed by the strategy provider is recorded in the trading statement to provide full transparency.

Analyze each Strategy Provider based on dozens of different metrics, including instruments traded, profitability, and drawdown. Use reporting tools to rank strategies according to performance and select the most suitable for your needs.

Follow a single strategy or choose to copy a number of strategies and create your own portfolio. Every time the strategy makes a trade, you make a trade on your own account in the same amount.

Pause, stop, or withdraw funds at any time. You have complete control without having to make the trading decisions.

Start copy trading with Juno Auto Trader and get our userguide now!